Writer’s Blog?

January 29, 2014


So as I sit writing this my mind’s already moved on to what I can write about in my next blog article. What do client’s really want to hear about? What content can I put out there that actually makes a difference? How can I make it interesting? I call the challenge this presents Writer’s Blog (see what I did there?).

If you are a sufferer of Writer’s Blog too then here are some tips to help relief your suffering.

Upcycle. Use your existing content and upcycle it for your blog. Review your internal documents, press releases and anything that could provide content or inspiration. Amend it, add to it, comment on it et voila, a blog article.

Brainstorm. Get together with your colleagues for a brainstorming session. This may provide topics you’d never thought of but also different angles on a topic you had though of! It’s also a great way of making everyone feel involved.

Guest bloggers. Use your networks to add a different voice to your blog and create added interest.

Have an opinion. Don’t just put information out there. Have an opinion on what you’re writing about. This will add some interest to the article and differentiate it from what’s already out there.