World Cup Fever reaches boiling point (for some anyway).

October 14, 2015

As Rugby World Cup fever builds (well in the Southern hemisphere and Scotland, Ireland and Wales at least) it’s a good time to reflect on the quality of brand communication that has been created specifically for the event.

This subtle Guinness poster certainly grabbed attention…


And so too did its sensitive treatment of Gareth Thomas’s personal circumstances

Heineken appear to have invested their creativity in sponsoring the tournament as opposed to this rather lame effort that they’ve created to support the sponsorship.

The Emirates commercial has never been off our screens but it’s a pretty lame affair.  “Mr Gilbert, welcome back”.  Oh, come on.

O2 have made a two minute blockbuster animation that encourages (ineffectively it turns out) the English Rugby team to ‘Make them giants” Maybe if they’d taken into consideration that there are four UK teams in the competition, three of whom dwarfed England’s achievements they might have run a more effective campaign.

But the ad campaign that’s got everyone talking, and laughing, is the hilarious Samsung School of Rugby ads featuring Jack Whitehall and the likes of Martin Johnson, Jason Leonard and Lawrence Dallaglio.