We’re One. (Again!)

January 19, 2015


Just about a year ago we pronounced to the world that Robson Brown was reborn. We even ran this announcement ad in the Chronicle to proudly state our news.


For us this was a big statement of intent. A statement that we could move on from what had been a difficult few years. A statement that we were re-energized and ready to really throw down the gauntlet in a competitive marketplace, in the midst of a recession that was blowing ever colder winds through not just the North East but the country as a whole.

Like all infancies, what’s followed has had its moments; some good, some bad. And the business climate has hardly been what you’d describe as ‘buoyant’.

But, to our delight, we picked up a Gold and the Grand Prix at the prestigious 2014 Roses Creative Awards during the summer. (A feat that has never been achieved by a North East agency.) And we finished 2014 with eight clients that we didn’t have at the start of the year. What’s more, all of our clients that were there at the (re)birth remain part of the family.

We’re talking to more new prospective clients than at any time in that first year and we have a really motivated team of people that are proud to say they work for RB.

Turning one is a watershed in any young life and we’re enjoying the moment.

We hope you’ll join us in wishing us happy birthday, and if you don’t know who we are yet why not pick up the phone, you might just like it here.