Venez loin les gars du Nord-Est!

February 20, 2014

Our Fresh TV commercial is creating a real stir and has been nominated in the Drum’s “Creative Works” – a weekly round up of the latest interesting creative work.

Drum readers are invited to vote for their favourite work on display and it’s uber-competitive with ads, designs, packaging and digital work represented from all over the UK (including Walkers, Warburtons and Ritz Crackers)

This week there’s even a big budget ad from Paris for Lacoste.

However, at the time of writing, it’s Robson Brown that’s edging the vote with 164 votes to Lacoste’s 161.

Can we hang on?

Can we grow our lead?

Tune in on Monday to find out after the poll closes.

Or better still, do your bit and vote here for the North East of England, not the North East of France (well, North East-ish.)