Twitter’s getting a makeover

May 1, 2014

If you’ve logged into your Twitter account recently you’ll have noticed things are changing. Twitter is rolling out a new profile page layout, the old background image and the logo panel above the Twitter feed are making way for a large banner image, and smaller logo panel which sits to the bottom left of the header image, in fact it’s very like Facebook’s timeline layout.

The other change is that you can now pin posts, again like Facebook, so you can give prominence to your most important Tweet by ensuring it stays at the top of your Twitter stream.

Here’s a view of our before and after:





The page layout and pinning aren’t the only changes Twitter is making either. They’re going to be putting a lot of emphasis and development into Twitter cards, in fact Kim Garst of The Huffington Post reckons Twitter is the channel businesses should be focusing on if they’re short of time and resource:

Financially, in spite of its huge market value, Twitter is still relatively small in terms of business development and financial results, doing only $243 million in top-line revenue in Q4, 2013. However, they are making all of the right moves with the site itself; giving priority to visual content, launching Twitter cards to promote the sharing of richer content while providing a mechanism to get people’s e-mail contact information, as well as launching several new types of advertising.”

So watch this space (or our blog) for more Twitter developments.