The dawn of the Radical Bobble hat

December 23, 2015

After another hectic year here on Summerhill Terrace it’s nice to work on a brief that has no boundaries, no expectations and, of course, no budget. We refer, of course, to the annual Christmas giveaway brief (disguised as a shameless marketing exercise). This year’s outcome proves that good ideas can come from anywhere, as it was Account Director, James McKendrick, who came up with the Radical Bobblehat concept that finally sees the light of day.


bobblehatTo bring it to life we have scoured the internet to find the very best Bobble Hats that money can buy then gratuitously affixed an RB logo with the strongest glue/thread combo known to mankind so that the recipients can become walking Robson Brown posters.

What we hadn’t factored in though was the fact that global warming was about to make this the most Ridiculously Benign winter of all time. So warm in fact that Ladbrokes has abandoned its annual “Will it snow on Christmas Day?” bet, through lack of interest, in favour of “How hot will it be on Christmas Day?”

So, rather than Newcastle, and the ski slopes (mud slopes more like) of Central Europe, London, NYC etc becoming festooned with fetching blue headgear they’re all currently gathering dust in a variety of wardrobes.

But we are fearless, determined and resolute here at RB. We know – OK we hope – that the weather will break, a veritable ice age will descend unexpectedly upon us and those of you lucky enough to be in possession of an RB Radical Bobblehat will quickly don it and take a snap in as exotic a location as you can get to. Having done so you should either email it to or simply post it on Twitter with the hashtag #RadicalBobble.

Should we then deem one (or more) of the images extremely meritorious we will reward said photographer appropriately.

You did us proud last year with the now notorious Rudolph Christmas Cakes; let’s see, weather permitting, if we can go one step further in 2015/16.