Seven ways to avoid blowing your budget – Free presentation for SMEs

May 30, 2014


Last week I was afforded the huge privilege of making a keynote speech at a conference in Edinburgh. I was asked to draw on my 30 or so years of experience in the advertising industry and to talk about the lessons I’d learned along the way. It gave me the opportunity to spend quite a lot of time drawing on my experience and tracking down old ad campaigns to illustrate my story; IPA Effectiveness Grand Prix winners like The Edinburgh Club (a gym for people who hate gyms) and Glenmorangie Single Malt Whisky.

I also drew from some of the mantras expounded so brilliantly in my favourite advertising book (Eating the Big Fish by Adam Morgan) Link


My audience was small advertisers; SME’s with challenging budgets. My message to them was apply these rules and you won’t go far wrong.

Seven ways I’ve avoided budget busting:

  • Say one thing (The orange test)
  • Say it well (Invest in creativity)
  • Say it consistently (Temper your boredom)
  • Say it to the right people (Context)
  • Say it socially (Free and multiple use)
  • Say it with real commitment (Sacrifice)
  • Test it, learn from the test, then say it better

The response was extremely favourable I have to say and if you think you’d like a trip down memory lane with some real life, mainly low budget, advertising case studies to illustrate the seven points above (including the ambiguous orange test) get in touch with Lou on 0191 232 2443 and we’ll happily pay you and your team a visit.