#RudolphsBakeOff (or variations on that theme.) The results are in.

January 15, 2015

Sending your clients and friends a make your own Christmas gift certainly divided the office when it was first suggested in October.

Howay man; you must be off your rockerbeing a not uncommon reaction.

But those of us with faith in the human condition, and the belief that baking fever was sweeping the nation won the day. So we were delighted with the response to our Rudolph’s Bake Off competition even if getting the EXACT hash tag right was a bit of a problem for most (including this particular scribe).

So, having given the entries due consideration amidst the harsh sobriety of a Dry January we have been able to reach a decision on whose Rudolphian exertions took most of the biscuit.

As in any clichéd response to a competition where you want to sustain dramatic impact and not offend the vast majority of your clients, we tried to find a solution where the assertion that You’re all winners would afford a degree of credibility.

But we couldn’t carry it off.

So we’ve bitten the bullet and come up with the three designs that would have most inspired Mel and Sue to reach for a barely concealed sexual innuendo. And so we have committed ourselves to a decision.

So, in reverse order we have…..

In third place, we honour the fabulous Bellway Homes “Frozen Design” submitted by Rebecca Carr.


The “close, but no cigar” moment goes to our Runners Up – The NCFE team with its beautifully contrasting snowmen.


However, the unanimous winner, not just for the skill of the design (and we’re sure the quality of the bake) but for going the extra mile and submitting “How to” videos on Youtube and actually incorporating her company’s own (on site produced) honey into the recipe as well as recreating all of the icons from around the business park is…

Laura McVittie of Quorum Business Park in Newcastle.


It’s a spectacular construction we’re sure you’ll agree.

Let’s hear it for Laura.

Now. Fear not. Clichés are only clichés for a reason. And the cliché that “everyone’s a winner” is absolutely true in this case.

Laura will be the proud recipient of a Great British Bake Off Cookbook (£5 in the sales right now) AND a collector’s edition Rudolph’s Bake Off Apron. But, because you all really ARE winners ALL of our entrants will be given a commemorative apron to thank them for their fabulous efforts.

Thanks everyone for entering. It was a great way to end 2014 and to begin 2015 with a smile.

Ideas for 2015 on a postcard please.