The trouble with pitching

February 11, 2016

The Canadians may not yet have established a significant international reputation for their design and advertising industry but this spot certainly shows that they ‘get’ it.

It’s by Toronto agency, Zulu Alpha Kilo, and it tackles that omnipresent ‘Elephant in the Room’, no matter what market you are operating in.

We are talking about speculative creative work.

For many years BBH in London took a very clear stance against this and refused to pitch creative work.  However, they invested, instead, in speculative strategic thinking; same thing, different packaging.

So, we were highly amused, and we think you will be too, by this rhetorical polemic on the absurdity of our industry.

The trouble is we have made our bed for many years and the vast majority of us now have no choice but to lie in it, or be absurdly ‘go to’, or persuasive to take the ‘take’ out of pitching.

That said, if you are a client or a prospect reading this, we welcome the opportunity to completely ignore this post and take a look at your brief with open arms.