Restoring Balance at RB

April 19, 2016

We’ve set ourselves a mission for 2016.

A mission to Restore Balance.

(See what we did there?)

There’s simply too many things that are out of kilter, skew whiff, or as our chairman would say in his Scottish accent, a wee bit shoogly.

There’s imbalance across our culture and in our society that we want to, in our own small way, chip away at and, who knows, maybe even smash down some doors.

Whether that is in the (re)distribution of wealth, of creating opportunity, or in igniting passion we want to do our bit and we want you to help us.

So, to start the ball rolling we’ll be restoring balance for England’s patron saint; George.

The Scots are affectionate about Andrew, The Irish are passionate about Paddy and the Welsh are daft for Dai.

But when it comes to poor old George we’re just glum.

Little-RB-3So this year we’ll be doing our bit to restore balance, to make George the highlight of April and we’ll be letting you know, soon enough, how we plan to do that and how you can join us in making it a Gorgeous George day in 2016.

We’ll be doing something for Newcastle’s food banks later in the year.

Our Recycling Bin (see we did it again) will be getting some much-needed attention.

And where imbalance prevails we’ll be activating short sharp campaigns to highlight it and to do something about it.

What gets you mad?

What’s suffering from neglect?

Who’s getting overlooked?

Join us in our quest of Restoring Balance and making Britain a better place to be.