Reinstating Bumblebees at RB

June 14, 2016


Our mission in 2016 is to restore balance in our community and our environment. We started by giving St George the status he deserves on his national feast-day and we followed up by initiating a recycling campaign in our office and local streets.

Now we’re gearing up for episode three of our campaign in which we turn our attention to our gardens and green spaces.

You’ll no doubt have heard of the decline in the indigenous bumblebee population because of changes in agricultural techniques, meaning our wild flower population has plummeted.

But At RB we are doing our bit.

We’ve been out and bought a potting shed-load of wild flower seeds and distributed them among our staff, friends and clients encouraging them to sow them in our gardens, or even on wasteland.

If you’d like to join us and haven’t yet received a packet of our seeds just get in touch and we’ll happily send you some. Then you can sit back, relax and enjoy the results as you watch the colour come back into your life and the buzz of busy bumblebees reinvigorating our environment. In fact it might even encourage you to go and sprinkle some more of your own and to encourage your friends and family to do likewise.

Either way, please help us spread the word and share your, and our, efforts via our campaign hashtag.

Let’s get this thing Really Blooming at: #RBRestoringBalance.