Real Bangers

February 14, 2014


We’re quite partial to our grub here at RB, and during one of our many food related chats we came to the agreement that there’s nothing quite like a good sausage. Its versatility knows no bounds, whether it’s wrapped in soft bread and butter or slow cooked in a casserole with seasonal veg, there’s always room for a banger.

Sausage making was originally a method used to preserve meats, especially lesser cuts, but today it’s become an art form with thousands of weird and wonderful combinations. In fact sausages don’t have to be meat, it’s the act of preserving in a skin that make the sausage, as oppose to the ingredients. In Asia it’s common for sausages to be made from seafood.

We love creativity in any form here at RB (and anything which gives us an excuse to eat) so we’ve set out in search of the best, most unusual-flavoured bangers we can find. We call this search Sausage Club Wednesday.

Each Hump Day one of the team brings in the finest bangers they can find, along with the essential bread, butter and ketchup (although the tomato ketchup v brown sauce debate still lingers on) and we judge on taste and texture.

The current, surprise, leader is the very fine Pitman’s Porker – an earthy, salty mix of pork and black pudding. Followed closely by Pork and Chilli Chocolate, which delivers a nice bittersweet kick.

If you have any top tips for really good bangers then Tweet @Robson_Brown and we’ll happily test them out!