Punch and counterpunch

September 26, 2014

The Ryder Cup teed off at 7.35 this morning, in glorious Perthshire sunshine, on The Golden Bear (Jack Niclaus) designed PGA centenary course.

Our man in Perthshire (actually it’s our woman) sent us this exclusive first tee picture that captures the stunning beauty of this natural amphitheatre.

Ryder Cup Punch and counterpunch is exactly how The Ryder Cup plays out and even at this early stage (Friday September 26th @ 12:12 precisely) we’re seeing this play out in the morning fourballs. With a massive win in the first match for The Europeans and an equally significant counterpunch from the Americans in the third. Meanwhile the other two hang in the balance

Now, check out this comedy gold if you will.

“I’m Nigel Farage … and I love Europe. No really I do.“ say Nige as he spoofs a party political broadcast for Paddy Power.

“How much were you paid for that?” asked Victoria Derbyshire on BBC 5 Live this morning.

“Nothing. I did it for a laugh.” was his reply.

You’ve got to laugh at the man who hates Europe (“No I don’t, I hate the Euro.”)
“The last time the USA won here” he tells us “was back in 1993 when 2Unlimited were number 1. There’s no, no, no, no, no, no (sung) limit to the talent of the young European team.”

“So, come on you lot. Swing for Europe. Your continent needs you.”

He can get back to Eurobashing on Monday.