With a market capitalisation of over £1.5bn, Bellway is the country’s fourth largest house builder selling over 5,000 homes a year. We have worked together for over 20 years. It’s a complex business, consisting of 13 regional divisions with close to 50 individual points of contact to be made every week. We are responsible for co-ordinating all marketing activity across the country to ensure consistency of look, feel and message.

Our above-the-line work includes all advertising and digital creative. Our below-the-line activity, in collaboration with ThinkBDW, extends to direct mail, leaflets, site brochures, sales centre fit out, CGI’s/fly throughs and site signage/hoardings.

Video Book

An Alice in Wonderland theme was developed for the launch of Langroyd Mews in Wandsworth. This premium site featured homes priced at around £800k so it deserved something special in its marketing. Robson Brown/ThinkBDW developed a suite of material including press, digital and print to promote the launch of the site.

This incorporated a unique video box (a video walkthrough of the showhome) mailer that was given to qualified potential purchasers that people could take home. This was accompanied by press activity around the Alice in Wonderland theme.

The launch was a great success with the majority of homes being sold on the day of the launch and the site completely selling out a short time afterwards.