Fresh was the UK’s first dedicated regional programme, set up in the North East of England, to tackle the worst rates of smoking related illness and death in the country.

Our latest campaign unashamedly tugs at the heartstrings as it tells smokers in the North East that one in every two long-term smokers die early from smoking related illnesses.

Our campaigns have helped reduce smoking rates by motivating smokers to quit, have turned off the tap to new smokers and are protecting families from tobacco related harm. We’ve won a number of awards along the way, including Roses nominations, national and regional CIPR awards and Gold awards at the World Tobacco Conference in Mumbai

Together we are making smoking history for the North East.

Don't be the 1 campaign

One in every two smokers die early from smoking related illnesses. This was the stark message that our latest integrated campaign set out to deliver to 460,000 smokers and their families in the North East.

We tackled the issue for Fresh with a powerful emotional TV treatment that showed the impact on family life that a parent would have if they were to become terminally ill as a result of their smoking behavior.

But there is hope and that is communicated in the call to action that states clearly and simply “It’s never too late for you to quit smoking. Get help and advice at

COPD Campaign

Our challenge was to create a new health campaign based around a cruel and lingering disease that destroys the lungs. The “Every breath” campaign aimed to highlight the long-term effects of smoking-related chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), in a bid to encourage more people to quit smoking.

It spawned lead stories on regional news programmes. Awareness of the campaign was strong with recall achieving well over the normal health campaign benchmarks.

The overall campaign contributed towards a record increase in people seeking support to quit, was nominated for a Roses award and won a CIPR silver for Best Integrated Campaign.

Second-hand smoking campaign

Smoking is still our biggest killer – claiming the lives of 5,500 people in the North East every year. Fresh wanted an identity, brand and positioning to highlight the dangers of smoking and breathing second-hand smoke. They wanted to promote the ultimate outcome: a smoke free North East.

Our brand was different, positive and uplifting, bringing a fresh look to a serious issue.

Quit Smoking Campaign

The aim of this quit campaign was to put a friendly face on the local stop smoking services and the people who use them. It had to raise awareness of the services and be lead generating. The campaign was developed to focus on real life quitters and demonstrated the benefits of giving up smoking. It gained huge interest from the region’s media which gave the campaign PR longevity.

The campaign delivered over 2,700 leads to the stop smoking services, created 7,700 engagements with the public and 45% of those who saw the campaign said they had changed their smoking behaviour. The campaign was subsequently rolled out nationally along with a 10 year anniversary stop smoking services publication.

Secondhand Smoke in the Workplace Campaign

This campaign was launched in the period prior to England going smokefree in places of work. It was the first time Fresh had used regional TV as part of their overall integrated approach.

The North East was the most compliant region to the new smoke free law (97% of all businesses) and the campaign was nominated for a Roses award.