So, you’ll have seen our new website then.

January 2, 2014


Re Born?

What’s all that about?

Robson Brown has just turned 30 years old; we’ve lived a full and eventful life.  But if you’ve stuck Robson Brown into Google in the past few years you’ll no doubt have read some stuff that would make you think Robson Brown was dead and buried.

Not a bit of it.

And don’t believe what you hear in the local either.

The truth is, we’ve been dug in getting ourselves back into fighting shape for a while and we’ve been busy going about our business for incredibly supportive long term clients like Bellway, NCFE, Fresh, Balance, Lloyd Motor Group, GVA, ABB and Quorum, to name only a few.

They’ve been benefitting from Robson Brown’s blend of considered creative thinking and they’ve been good to us. But we like to think it’s been reciprocal with a slew of great new ads currently hitting your screens, newspapers and inboxes pretty much as you read this. Take this powerful new TV that we’ve made for Balance with Guy Vickerstaff, our Creative Director.

Mission Group is the back story here. They bought us in January 2011 from the remains of a takeover that went, well, wrong.  Quite badly wrong if we’re honest . (Which we are.)

But it’s given us new momentum, tremendous resource and a resolve to re-establish our reputation as one of the North East’s finest creative agencies.

So, the gestation (some might say hibernation) is over.  We’re born again and we’re looking wide eyed into the future.

Let’s talk again.