Little RB

August 18, 2015


We have an internal brand. A playful character we call ‘Little RB’.  He pops up in the kitchen reminding people of the sort of collegiate behavior that benefits us all. Like washing your dishes for example. He pops up all over the place actually, in our staff handbook, induction materials and so on.

But last month we decided he would also be used in recognition of those of us that have put in an extra shift, gone beyond the call of duty so to speak. And in a year where we’ve been working extra hard to bed in several new clients as well as looking after our established ones there’s been rich pickings to choose from.

And so we introduce to you ‘Little RB of the Month’.

First up, in June, was our Micky, in the Studio. No one was more surprised than him to be the inaugural winner and to spoil himself a little as a thank you from the company. We thought he and his wife would go for a little romantic soiree, but no, he went to the races with some of the gang and took sordid advice and tips from Colin. He claims to have ‘broken even’.

Next up, and the July winner, hot off the presses, is Clare Hampton. Although Clare works part time (she has a young family) she stepped up to the plate until the school holidays began by doing an extra day a week to help us get over a large rump of work. For that we are all truly grateful; as a result she is the second Little RB of the Month.

Who’ll the August winner be? Tune in and find out.