It’s not just RB that’s reborn

February 28, 2014

Earlier this week the Investors Chronicle rated The Mission Marketing Group plc (“Mission”, our parent company) a BUY because of its good management, good prospects and solid financial performance.


It’s been a hard time of late trying to make a decent return in the marketing services sector. Budgets have been tight, spending reduced and competition fierce.

Add to that the fact that Mission was highly acquisitive in the lead up to the current recession and its no wonder that the stock was under scrutiny. But, under the radar, Mission has built an increasingly strong balance sheet and faces the future brimming with confidence.

Robson Brown joined the Mission fold right in the middle of the economic downturn but like our parents we are seeing better times ahead.

So, it’s a timely boost for morale to see the ‘Bible’ pick Mission out as a best buy and as we at RB make positive strides forward, working closely with our colleagues across the Mission group, we can also confidently predict a rosy future.

Maybe that’s why Mission’s recent share-price graph looks like this…