It’s been a newbiztastic start to the year

March 20, 2015

You know that old buses saying? “You wait ages for one and then two come at the same time”. Well that’s what’s just happened to RB’s new business drive, except it’s not two, it’s a fleet that has arrived.


Just before Christmas we received a very welcome call from our clients at both Fresh and Balance. We’d pitched successfully to retain BOTH pieces of business and we see this as a great reward for our award winning work over the last four years. The last thing we were, throughout the pitch process, was complacent even though we knew we’d done great work for them and our approach paid off with a fantastic end to the year.

Then, not long after, we picked up a significant assignment from wooden window manufacturers Allan Brothers of Berwick that will see us brand and launch a new conservation range for them.

Another product launch was to follow when we pitched successfully for one of the world’s most renowned water testing equipment manufacturers, Palintest. They too, took the plunge and appointed us to launch their latest product. It will have a huge impact on the worldwide domestic swimming pool market and we are delighted to be working on such a great innovation.

Next up, Nixon Hire. A true star of the North East, having recently won the North East Business of the Year Award. It’s a huge and rapidly growing provider of plant, tools, accommodation units, portable toilets and site equipment. And like any brand you’re not familiar with when you finally become aware of them you realise they have assets absolutely everywhere. We have an exciting rebranding project to get stuck into and we’re already deep into the project.

Last but not least, when a bunch of buses turn up what more could you ask for than a bus stop and that’s exactly what we got when Nexus appointed us (after yet another pitch) to handle the launch of real time bus information across the North East. A multimedia campaign is in the offing.

And it’s not over yet. Another couple off assignments are close to agreement along with expanded briefs for existing clients.

Thanks to all those that showed their faith in what we can do. With six new and renewed clients gracing 10 Summerhill Terrace’s offices you could say the place is buzzing.

And you’d be right.