Influencing creativity in 2014

January 9, 2014


We love a creative challenge here at Robson Brown, in fact it’s what we live and breath. If you already work with us you’ll know we don’t just take the easy route of simply doing as we’re told (and we make no apologies for that).

We question.

We think.

Then we create.

We call this considered creative solutions.

The creative process is often undervalued because it’s not tangible, yet when you come across the right sort of creativity, you sit up and take notice.

Creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum and it’s not just about making something look striking.

It needs considered thinking about who you’re trying to reach, how it will be seen by them and how the technology or format will contribute to the communication.

It’s also about drawing on influences from all around us. So, if you’re a retailer we won’t just look at how other retailers are communicating to influence our thinking for your brand/campaign. We’ll look at Pinterest, we’ll look at architecture, we’ll look at fashion, we’ll look all around us.

We’ll consider what we’ve seen.

And then we’ll create.

So what’s going to influence our creativity in 2014?

Well, the Rio World Cup, for a start. The fact that more people will be accessing content on mobile devices and developments in social media. Of course our clients and their organisations and their ways of doing things will be a huge influence too.

Why not take a look at our portfolio of work to see our creativity at work, and if you like what you see, call us for a chat, maybe we could create together!