January 8, 2014

“The art of not drinking alcohol for the entire month of January.
Participation normally arises on the 1st January from all walks of life along with phrases like ‘I will never drink again’.”


In support of our client Balance who are running a regional ‘Dry January’ TV and print campaign here’s the thoughts of two of our team who have risen to the challenge of supporting the campaign.

Clare Hampton

“After 31 consecutive days of having a wee tipple, I felt the pickling of my liver taking hold!  Even though I didn’t binge drink during December, I am sure I had some measure of alcohol every day – Dry January came just in time!

January 1st, I felt ready, willing and able, the following 3 days however I felt resentful & questioning ‘why’ – especially when out at a friend’s 40th birthday party and I was the only one with a tonic water!

Now though, I’m just over a week in and struggling through, with the help of my old mate Becks Blue – my comfort blanket!”

Mark Gorman

“Like Clare I’ve succumbed to the pressure of taking January off “the bev” as we call it in Scotland.

It’s not new to me as I’ve tackled this onerous task a few times before. Not for detox reasons, you understand, more to shift a few pounds and to just recover from my frantic December lifestyle.

This year was worse than usual, it included; four Christmas parties, one funeral wake, a pre funeral mourn (over whisky), a post wake mourn (over whisky), Christmas Day and Boxing Day and its accompanying food and drink frenzy, Hogmanay and New Year’s Day (my Mother has a traditional gathering) and our annual Raclette feast on January 3rd.

So my Dry January only actually kicked off on January 6th.  But rest assured it will run until February 5th and beyond.

Now, my great friend’s 50th party on January 18th…that’s going to be a challenge.”

Follow the adventures of Clare and Mark through the month and see if Dry January can last till 1st March; because February can be classified as ‘Dryuary’ too.