Dry January – Week 4

January 30, 2014

Here’s the latest thoughts from two of our team who have risen to the challenge of supporting the Dry January campaign in partnership with our client Balance North East.


Clare Hampton

Hoorah, hoorah, it’s wine in a matter of days!

The end is nigh for the month that’s dry!

Yes, I am very proud of myself; 31 drink-free days nearly at an end.

I’m not so impressed that I haven’t felt any visible benefits (better skin/better sleep etc) but what does impress me is that I know inside, that my liver now carries c.15% less fat than it did before I started.

Hurrah for me…only a dry School Reunion to get through on Friday night then I will treat myself to a nice red on Saturday.

What I do feel, seriously though, is that I don’t think I drank enough for it to have a big difference to me, but that from Saturday onwards I will definitely consider more carefully how much/often I do have a drink.



Mark Gorman

I suppose I have only a matter of days left too, but in my case that’s 6 because I was late starting and have another weekend to negotiate.  (A rugby weekend at that.)

So far I have seen off a 50th, a 21st, a Burns Night and a funeral.  Not a drop of the hard stuff has passed my lips these last 25 days, so I’m feeling pretty proud of my achievement so far.

What’s more, I’m buzzing.  Coupled with a diet and increased exercise I’m hoping to have shed a stone, maybe more by the end of this.  In fact it’s gone so well I am going to carry it on into February – but the temptations are continuing to pile up:  A Chamber of Commerce Dinner, my Silver Wedding Anniversary, a boys’ curry night, three more dinners.  These are not precursors to a dry month really but I will see what happens.

Unlike Clare, my sleeping has dramatically improved, but I’m feeling the cold a lot more. (It’s amazing what eating and drinking do to keep the internal combustion engine burning on full heat, isn’t it.)

I’m grateful to Louise for challenging us to do this and I tip my hat to Clare for her extreme endurance.  Enjoy that glass of red on Saturday and make sure you toast me.

Meanwhile, I will soldier on.