Dry January – Week 3

January 23, 2014

Here’s the latest thoughts from two of our team who have risen to the challenge of supporting the Dry January campaign in partnership with our client Balance North East.

Clare Hampton

Is it February yet?

This has truly been the longest month; can’t believe I have another weekend to endure on the wagon!

I’m not feeling any better health-wise, in fact I’ve had a bad back since Sunday, grrrr! I think that sums up my grumpiness right now! 

I see my ‘odd’ glass of wine on a Thurs/Fri/Sat night as a little treat to myself – I don’t have many, honest! But I don’t even have that right now. 

Off for a run tonight though and then starting back to yoga next week – that should sort out my negativity and resume some inner calm, ha!

Mark Gorman

Thankfully I’m not going to build on poor Clare’s torture.

Unlike Clare I would not consider myself an ‘odd’ drinker of wine. I’m the sort that has to consider what I write in those health forms that ask you what your weekly consumption is. (I met a nurse recently who quipped “Oh we always add ten units to what you admit.” So maybe I’ve not been fooling anyone.)

But for me it’s been brilliant. OK, I’m still 5 days behind Clare and I have two weekends to get through but I’m honestly feeling the benefit of this.

Now, I have been dieting and massively upping my cycling mileage (44 miles on Saturday past for example) but I’m not missing the ‘bev’ a bit, in fact I feel brand new, rejuvenated, totally up for it.

I even coped with my mate’s 50th last Saturday on a diet of Diet Coke and Tomato Juice as all around me descended into gibbering wrecks.

Possibly ironically the only time I’m struggling is on my trips to Newcastle; for me the home of beautiful, gorgeous, unctuous craft brewed real ale.

The Crown Posada, The Free Trade Inn, The Cluny, The Brew Dog, The Tyne Bar, The Bridge Hotel, The Redhouse – all have seen their takings plummet since I started Dry January.

Last week when I was whiling away my evening I thought I’d be creative and step out of the beer, book, pie, bed routine and instead go out and capture Newcastle at night.

There’s a couple of my efforts spread about in this post that you might like. Just shows you, there’s more to do on a cold, dark January night in Newcastle than coorie in round the fire and sup up.

Day 18 out of the way. Bring on the next 13.