Dry January Update

January 14, 2014

Here’s the latest thoughts from two of our team who have risen to the challenge of supporting the Dry January campaign in partnership with our client Balance North East.


Clare Hampton

Well, that was a disappointing weekend!
Went for my first run of the New Year on Friday night and ended up with a migraine when I got home. At least it diverted my attention from a glass of red!

Maybe it’s the lack of alcohol that’s actually disagreeing with me? I’m getting cramp in my foot and at Day 15, I’m still not feeling any great benefit/improvement to my well-being yet!

Almost half-way though…hurry up February, I’m gradually falling out of love with my health-kick, but determined to see it through!

Mark Gorman

Clare is five days ahead of me so she should have really broken the back of it now.

Me, I’m currently on day ten and actually it’s been really satisfying. I have the added complication of both dieting and significantly upping my previously non-existent exercise routine. So my first ever spin class on Saturday morning was something of a revelation.

As my heart rate hit 177 I mentioned this to the spin-meister

“Are you dizzy?” he shouted
“No” I replied.

“Work harder then!”

I’m 51 and my max heart rate is supposed to be 220 minus my age – 169 (or more accurately 214 minus your age times 0.8 for males – 173). Anyway I survived the life-threatening experience and we move on.

The truth is, it has been a real pleasure coming off the booze for ten days and I’m not missing it a bit (but my pal David’s 50th on Saturday night may challenge that bold claim considerably). I have been quite tired but I think that’s really the effect of the diet and extra exercise. Also the fact that I’ve reduced my caffeine intake may have contributed.

I can heartily recommend this annual detox and, as I’ve mentioned before, Dry January could equally apply to February as January so why not make a pledge to do the alternative month (and, Brucie Bonus, it’s only 28 days long).

Better still extend your January pledge into February…and March…and April…