Dry January Success Stories

February 6, 2014

Our intrepid abstainers have completed their task. Here’s how they sum up the challenge of supporting the Dry January campaign in partnership with our client Balance North East.


Clare Hampton

Well, it’s all over but the celebratory glass of cava with my breakfast last Saturday morning was probably a bridge too far for my rested liver! Certainly did not agree with me and I had to pour it away!

However, I’m glad to say I’m not broken and I did have a couple of cheeky beers on Saturday night!

It’s a strange thing but taking 31 days off the booze has made more conscious of my intake, however low it may be.

So, good luck to all those who are doing Dry February…our very own designer, Sarah Falconer, and our Chairman Mark, who’s going into month two!

Mark Gorman

OK.  I did it!  Not a drop taken in 31 days (ending yesterday in fact).  I had a little wobble at the weekend when I could have killed for a glass of wine watching the rugby, but I got through it.

The reward came yesterday when I stepped onto the scales.  Now, I have to say I’ve been dieting (1,500 calories, or so, a day) and cycling up to 100 miles a week as well as passing on the alcohol since Jan 6th, but the result was a most uplifting 20lb weight loss in 30 days.

It’s been tough doing the triple whammy, and I have to say being off the booze was the hardest of the three to apply myself to, but it’s a great feeling getting through it and I’ve no desperate need to hit the Crown Posada or the Free Trade Inn at any point tonight.

I’ll keep Sarah company and we’ll let you know how we get on in Dry February.