Don’t be the 1

February 12, 2014

Today we launch a highly emotive smoking cessation campaign for Fresh.


Fresh Smoke Free North East is a long-term client that we’ve done a lot of work for as you can see here. But we feel our latest integrated work has really raised the bar with a powerful emotional TV treatment that shows the impact on family life that a parent would have if they were to become terminally ill as a result of their smoking behavior.

The stark fact is that one in every two long-term smokers die early from smoking related illnesses. (Some, even in their forties.)

This is the message that our latest integrated campaign is setting out to deliver to 460,000 smokers and their families in the North East. But it also offers some hope that is communicated in the call to action. It states clearly and simply “It’s never too late for you to quit smoking. Get help and advice at

Actually, the story has added emotional weight when you consider that cancer had directly touched the lives of both the mother and father actors in the commercial, but also the director, Patrick Collerton, who himself was in remission.

Needless to say, emotions were raw on set and this is captured in what we feel are poignant and compelling performances from all of the actors involved.

The early impact of the ad, before official airing today, has been met with strong, emotional reactions.

Ailsa Rutter Director of Fresh commented:

“We now know that one in two long-term smokers die, even in their forties, of a smoking related illness. It’s important for us to inform smokers and their families of the effects of smoking, why it is important to quit and advise on the most effective ways for them to do this. Graphic and emotionally powerful campaigns which show the health harms of smoking or ask smokers to think about their families, can be effective in not only encouraging smokers to quit, but also in deterring children from taking up smoking in the first place. RB has created an effective campaign that really gets to the heart of the matter.”

Anyone who would like to quit smoking or send a message to a loved one to quit can click on at” or join in the conversation at #DontBeThe1.