Jun 25 2014

In praise of B2B marketing

Business to Business (B2B) advertising and marketing has long been the poor relation of its far more feted cousin; B2C.  And we simply can’t understand why that is the case.

First off it’s a darned sight bigger proposition overall, mainly because any supply chain has many, many transactions that need to be influenced before it gets to that single consumer sale…

Jun 19 2014

Is today England’s Waterloo?

England expects is the sentiment that usually sets the mood in advance of a World Cup.  The trouble is, years of expectation have met with bitter disappointment and vitriolic media trolling of some poor penalty misser or, more commonly, manager.  The treatment meted out to Beckham was so disproportionate to his crime as to deem it laughable.…

Jun 18 2014

Zipcube Pitches it’s way to top Start-up at Thinking Digital

One of the events I found most inspiring at Thinking Digital was the startup competition. 10 new businesses pitched to a panel of 5 judges (Gerard Grech – Tech City UK, Erin McKean – Reverb, Martyn Davies – SendGrid , Matthew Rippon – Particular and Richard Myers – Transmit Startups) and an audience of many more…

Jun 05 2014

Successful Holiday Discount Centre ad leads to Yorkshire region roll out

Following on from a successful TV launch earlier in the year the price comparison site for client Holiday Discount Centre returns to televisions. The client was so pleased with the web traffic and telephone response generated by the first campaign on Tyne Tees that they have extended the campaign out onto Yorkshire TV…

May 30 2014

Seven ways to avoid blowing your budget – Free presentation for SMEs

Last week I was afforded the huge privilege of making a keynote speech at a conference in Edinburgh. I was asked to draw on my 30 or so years of experience in the advertising industry and to talk about the lessons I’d learned along the way…

May 29 2014

Thinking (Digital) Day 1 – #TDC14

Thinking Digital is now in it’s 7th year, but this was my first. I went along with no idea how much my brain would hurt by the end of it.  I’d read the line up of speakers and watched previous years videos but they didn’t really prepare me for the information overload that is Thinking Digital…

May 22 2014

A social media case study

A couple of weeks ago I (Lou) was invited to present a social media case study to NCFE’s marketing team. I chose Innocent’s Big Knit campaign to demonstrate how effective use of social media can create brand awareness and opportunities to engage…

May 16 2014

Roses Bagged

We were pleased when both our Fresh commercial AND our Balance commercial were recently nominated as best TV or cinema commercial over 21 seconds at the 2014 Roses Awards (the big one outside of London)

We were even more pleased when THIS happened

A gold award, beating Irn Bru, Specsavers and The Scottish Government…

May 01 2014

Twitter’s getting a makeover

If you’ve logged into your Twitter account recently you’ll have noticed things are changing. Twitter is rolling out a new profile page layout, the old background image and the logo panel above the Twitter feed are making way for a large banner image, and smaller logo panel which sits to the bottom left of the header image, in fact it’s very like Facebook’s timeline layout…

Apr 28 2014

Spring sees the launch of our 3rd London advertising campaign for London

Spring sees the launch of our third London advertising campaign for Bellway, the third largest house builder in the capital. Designed to raise brand awareness and sell London centric properties, the campaign creative features the letters of the brand name rising out of the ground to become part of the London landscape and skyline in one of the company’s corporate colours…