Jun 03 2015

Under One Roof

We’ve been looking for someone to partner with digitally on the ground here in Newcastle for some time to supplement our already very strong digital offering in Colchester but also across the Mission Group.

So, after a few months of chat, getting to know one another and collaborating on a few projects we’ve decided that RB and Digiology are a good fit so we are delighted to announce that as of last week Digiology has moved in…

May 27 2015

Bellway name up in lights!

As if the name Bellway homes isn’t already famous enough in the North East, it is now up in lights above the A167. That awfully busy road that takes us weary commuters home every evening.

One of the first back lit, digital advertising platforms in Newcastle is now advertising Bellway for all to see…

May 05 2015

Whatever happened to the sledgehammer?

In today’s Drum magazine there’s an insightful article on the changing face of political advertising during this election. Under the banner “billboards aren’t working” and a pastiche of the classic Tory poster that helped sweep La Thatcher into power in 1979 commentator after commentator bemoan the sheer lack of guile, lack of presence and lack of ambition in 2015 advertising election…

Apr 28 2015

How to create a movement…

We stumbled upon this really interesting TED talk having read an excellent new book (How Google Works by Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg).

When discussing innovation and marketing the authors pointed us to this talk which draws on a piece of film shot at a music festival

In these days of online brand adoption where speed is of the essence and scaling is what tech brands most need, creating a movement is an essential for brands…

Apr 23 2015

Happy St George’s Day

As the token Scot at Robson Brown I arrived at my desk this morning to this sight.

I must admit I was quite surprised as England seems far less in touch with its national Saint’s Day than Scotland and a league away from the Irish…

Apr 14 2015

Once again Robson Brown is in the Roses Awards running

Last year we were delighted when we were nominated for Best TV commercial for our two biggest public sector clients; Fresh and Balance North East.

And we were overwhelmed when Fresh walked away with a Gold Award and the Grand Prix…

Apr 03 2015

Amazing things happen when you look for them.

Whoever said “The best way to see a new city is to raise your eyes upwards” or words to that effect, had a very good point. That said it helps if the city is blessed with an abundance of historic architecture…

Mar 20 2015

It’s been a newbiztastic start to the year

You know that old buses saying? “You wait ages for one and then two come at the same time”. Well that’s what’s just happened to RB’s new business drive, except it’s not two, it’s a fleet that has arrived.

Just before Christmas we received a very welcome call from our clients at both Fresh and Balance…

Mar 09 2015

Account Manager – Short Term Contract

An excellent opportunity has arisen to join our well established marketing agency on a short term contract as an Account Manager. The role is diverse and will involve working in a range of marketing disciplines. The successful candidate will have strong organisational skills, be highly motivated, confident and professional…

Jan 19 2015

We’re One. (Again!)

Just about a year ago we pronounced to the world that Robson Brown was reborn. We even ran this announcement ad in the Chronicle to proudly state our news.

For us this was a big statement of intent. A statement that we could move on from what had been a difficult few years…