Feb 11 2016

The trouble with pitching

The Canadians may not yet have established a significant international reputation for their design and advertising industry but this spot certainly shows that they ‘get’ it.

It’s by Toronto agency, Zulu Alpha Kilo, and it tackles that omnipresent ‘Elephant in the Room’, no matter what market you are operating in…

Feb 01 2016

Quit 16 – The toll of smoking related cancers is revealed in the North East for the launch of new hard hitting quit campaign

Former smokers tell how cancer can change lives and families forever
Low awareness of many smoking related cancers

Today sees the launch of our latest campaign with Fresh Smokefree North East warning that smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. It comes as new figures reveal how cancers from smoking affect thousands of North East families every year…

Dec 23 2015

The dawn of the Radical Bobble hat

After another hectic year here on Summerhill Terrace it’s nice to work on a brief that has no boundaries, no expectations and, of course, no budget. We refer, of course, to the annual Christmas giveaway brief (disguised as a shameless marketing exercise)…

Dec 22 2015

‘Reet-good Bakers’

Well our festive mince pie Mondays at the RB office have unfortunately come to a close. It was tempting to carry on the experiment in to the New Year, but we decided (for our waistline’s sakes) to call it a day…

Nov 09 2015

Alcohol and seven cancers

Today sees phase 2 of our alcohol health harms campaign launch across the region and aims to continue to raise awareness of the link between alcohol and seven types of cancer in the run up to the festive period.

Almost one million North Easterners are ignoring Government health guidelines and drinking at levels which are putting them at greater risk of seven types of cancer…

Oct 14 2015

World Cup Fever reaches boiling point (for some anyway).

As Rugby World Cup fever builds (well in the Southern hemisphere and Scotland, Ireland and Wales at least) it’s a good time to reflect on the quality of brand communication that has been created specifically for the event.

This subtle Guinness poster certainly grabbed attention…..

Oct 12 2015

Mulberry Homes appoint ThinkRB

We’re delighted to announce that Mulberry Homes have appointed ThinkRB to provide marketing support for their new homes development Leeming Gate, in Leeming Bar.

Mulberry build high quality new homes in premium locations across North Yorkshire to the latest standards of design, build quality and sustainability…

Aug 18 2015

Little RB

We have an internal brand. A playful character we call ‘Little RB’.  He pops up in the kitchen reminding people of the sort of collegiate behavior that benefits us all. Like washing your dishes for example. He pops up all over the place actually, in our staff handbook, induction materials and so on…

Aug 10 2015

What a bunch of mugs

We’ve gone merchandising crazy here at Summerhill Towers. Maybe it’s the summer heat, but Clare Hampton had the rather pleasing idea of refurbishing our frankly dowdy boardroom offering for clients with a new set of crockery.

(If one still uses the word crockery to describe mugs…

Jun 22 2015

When a “spot of lunch” has hidden dangers

Today sees the launch of our latest hard hitting health harms campaign for client Balance – The North East Alcohol Office.

Almost one million North Easterners are ignoring Government health guidelines and drinking at levels which are putting them at greater risk of seven types of cancer…