Dec 20 2017

Illegal tobacco is bought by more than half of teenage smokers

Figures show children are regular customers of dealers as new campaign is launched. 

Illegal tobacco has helped over half of underage smokers in the North East get hooked on smoking, a new survey suggests.

55% of children aged 14 and 15 who smoke say they buy illegal tobacco from sources like “tab houses” and shops – while 73% say they have been offered illegal tobacco…

Dec 19 2017

National Award for Alcohol Cancer Campaign

We are delighted to announce that at a reception at Parliament, The Alcohol Health Alliance have just presented the Best Members Campaign Award to Balance for their alcohol cancer campaign – Can’t See It. A deserved piece of news to a very hard working team…

Jul 05 2017

Secondhand smoke is poison

NEW figures suggest at least 1 in 10 North East children are still being exposed to toxic secondhand smoke in the home as a hard hitting new campaign for our client Fresh, supported by the British Lung Foundation, launches today.

The “Secondhand smoke is Poison” campaign is warning that smoking in the home exposes not just smokers but children and adults to harmful levels of toxic chemicals such as carbon monoxide, benzene and cyanide which creep from room to room and can linger for up to five hours…

Mar 02 2017

RB award-winning campaign re-launches to warn part-time and light smokers about health risks

SMOKERS who’ve cut down are being warned they still face significant risks of cancer and heart disease unless they quit or switch as a campaign launches this month.

Our client, Fresh Smokefree North East, is re-launching the award winning Don’t be the 1 campaign warning that half of all long-term smokers will die from smoking…

Aug 22 2016

Quit smoking to reduce chances of the ‘suffocating’ lung disease

SMOKERS on Tyneside are being urged to quit and reduce their risk of developing a disease, which can leave sufferers fighting for breath, in a campaign launched today by Fresh Smokefree North East.

Our ‘Every Breath’ campaign is raising awareness of smoking and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and is being supported by the British Lung Foundation…

Jun 27 2016

Keep cancer risks low urges new alcohol campaign

Even relatively low levels of drinking alcohol can increase your risk of cancer, according to a new campaign launched today by Balance, the North East Alcohol Office.

The campaign re-launch follows the first review of the alcohol drinking guidelines in 20 years, led by the Chief Medical Officers across the UK and informed by a comprehensive review of the latest evidence by a group of leading, independent experts…

Jun 14 2016

Reinstating Bumblebees at RB

Our mission in 2016 is to restore balance in our community and our environment. We started by giving St George the status he deserves on his national feast-day and we followed up by initiating a recycling campaign in our office and local streets…

May 20 2016

Recycling Brilliantly at Robson Brown

The second of our Restoring Balance initiatives was carried out over the last week. Sick of the general build up of old, but no longer useful, archives in our basement we went on a serious purge. A white van man was called in and the basement archive cupboard gutted…

May 18 2016

Have you been on a tour of Oculus Rift yet?

Great excitement today at Robson Brown as we took delivery of our new Oculus Rift kit that has been used in development by our sister team at Think VR.

We got to experience multi-story overhead views of Wembley stadium, luscious and verdant housing estates and everything from Matisse to Jackson Pollock paintings hanging on the living room walls of stunning new build houses…

Apr 19 2016

Restoring Balance at RB

We’ve set ourselves a mission for 2016.

A mission to Restore Balance.

(See what we did there?)

There’s simply too many things that are out of kilter, skew whiff, or as our chairman would say in his Scottish accent, a wee bit shoogly…