A social media case study

May 22, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I (Lou) was invited to present a social media case study to NCFE’s marketing team. I chose Innocent’s Big Knit campaign to demonstrate how effective use of social media can create brand awareness and opportunities to engage. Innocent are great at social. In fact they were recently rated in the top 100 social brands for youth audiences in a survey conducted by Headstream, Voxburner and Social Bakers.

This video explains what Big Knit is:

The reason Big Knit works, in my humble opinion, is that Innocent took a simple idea they knew would appeal to their consumers and integrated their on/offline activity. It wasn’t about creating an idea specifically for social media. They started off by asking people to knit hats for their bottles. And people did. Then those people posted on their Twitter and Facebook accounts, to show everyone their handy work and let them know they’d supported a good cause. This meant the Big Knitters were engaging and creating content for them!

In order to keep the engagement going Innocent created knitting patterns for beginner, intermediate & advanced knitters and Facebook timeline images for people to download. They sent handwritten thank you cards, which people then posted pictures of, saying thanks for the thanks!

People were asked to vote for Hat of the Week/Year by liking images posted on Facebook or re-tweeting on Twitter.

It was the Big Knit’s 10th Anniversary last year and they built a microsite to mark the occasion. The site features the pattern and Facebook timeline downloads, a Hat of the Year Hall of Fame and information about how to get involved.  And for people like me who can’t knit you can now create a virtual hat. In order to donate you simply have to share the picture of your virtual hat on Twitter or Facebook. Innocent even populate the messages for you so you just have to click and share.

The campaign also saw the reunion of St Winifred’s School Choir in an attempt to get “There’s no one quite like Grandma” back to the No 1 spot and Big Knit events taking place at homes, community centres and other locations across the UK.

Now I know that Innocent has access to big budgets etc but even the smallest of business can learn from what they did. You just need a good, simple idea, which aligns with your brand and creates an opportunity for you to engage with your customers and them to engage with you.