One of our Mission Group Partners

M&S Bank

M&S has a special place in the heart of the British public and in 2012 was voted the UK’s most trusted brand. In the same year, M&S Money became M&S Bank and launched full banking services including a current account.

In the wake of the credit crunch and widespread mistrust of many of the traditional banks, Story’s positioning of ‘New Fashioned Banking’ spearheaded the launch of M&S Bank, leveraging the power of the mother brand and breathing new life into the sector.

Scottish Government – Greener Scotland

The Scottish Government wanted to increase the total of household waste being sent for recycling instead of into landfill.

Story wanted a big media neutral idea. They developed the creative message “Recycle more and give things another life”. To bring this idea to life, they humanised the things people put in the bin without thinking – and ultimately made them harder to throw away. They told their own story and reinforced the message that everyday things can be recycled many times over.

The campaign on TV, radio, press, outdoor, online and through retail partnerships, demonstrated that household waste is not rubbish, it’s a resource. Consumers became ‘re-users’ and gave everyday bottles, cartons and boxes another life.